23 December 2014

New bakes.

It's been another year of charity baking.
This christmas I created another epic gingerbread house for 'Guess the number of sweets'. It raised some money towards our fantastic fundraising effort for Barnardos.
My Best effort yet! :)

10 June 2014

A few quick efforts but check out the Gluten Free hedgehog!
Banana and Cinnamon loaf. Amazing and baked in the breadmaker too!!

Horrace Hedgehog for a work colleague.
Tasted lovely :)

Dropped coming out of the tin. Fail... tasted good though!!

15 May 2014

Wedding Design by Mrs G.

It was hard work but I was absolutely thrilled with how everything turned out in the end. I can honestly say it was THE best day on my life and it was lovely to know that everything we had created was our own.
Here's a snapshot :)