16 June 2011


There's been lots happening in my creative world lately so here's a little taste of the latest projects.

8 April 2011

SWATCH for 19grams creative

5 pieces for the Aqua colour swatch. Based on Japanese tradition & landscape.

1 April 2011

More Digital

A little snippet of my work at Rhino Uk. Most recent at the top. More to follow.

21 February 2011

Bruno Mars mania

Last design bits produced before I moved jobs. Merch boxes are still on sale in hmv.. exciting!!!

More Spotify banners, and advert for the iTunes LP on iTunes.

14 January 2011

More Spotify. :)

Bruno Mars banners I finished before Christmas are now up :)

13 January 2011

Another credit to add to the list

Plan B LP; Joint creation of myself and Alex Marshall. Looks pretty epic in the fly-through video!