14 December 2010

13 December 2010

My Chemical Romance Box designs

I got my sample copies, but it appears I also made it into the shops!! :)

1 October 2010

More Fab Things

A few more shots of work that has gone live. :)
Two top banners on youtube and myspace and a small pre-order banner on jamesblunt.com

11 September 2010


These are my latest digital pieces from my internship at WMI . Some screen shots of Banners released on spotify. 3 for Linkin Park, one for Elektra records.

9 September 2010

Intelligent Vehicles

Outsmart illustrations : 99 adventures of a smartcar

2 August 2010

A bit of experience

An example of photo editing from work experience with Williams Lee at Moore Stephens chartered accountants in London.


(removal of blurred object. background reconstruction and sectioned blur to retain image focus with statue.)

18 April 2010

Self promotion. my little box of gems

Finally finished this afternoon. A 2 section A4 portfolio box complete with CV, Letter heads, a sample cover letter, envelopes and business cards..all hand-made.

15 April 2010

Immerse yourself...

A masterpiece (I wish) in creation. Step-by-step progress of the final Immerse Yourself A1 poster, hand-drawn. Final outcome for 'Inspire Me'.

9 March 2010

Portfolio Pieces

Artwork from my annual report project. Based on the National Farmers Union.

Double Page Spreads for Rag Mag Project. The 8 Page article looks at 4 female Graphic and Editorial designers ranging from past to present. Final outcomes will be going forward to the end of year publication.

Dream Catcher. Produced as a medium to display an essay on the corporate identity of Honda. The concept was based on Honda's philosophy of 'The Power of Dreams'.

Lenticulars produced to illustrate movement and 3D effects. Part of a module project on the theme of fakery.

Photographic Imagery used as part of my FMP.

7 January 2010

A little something to tide you over...

'Immerse Yourself' as part of an 'Inspire Me' project. The original image was hand-drawn onto A3, then scanned in and edited.. this shows one of the inital edits, followed by the colour version and then the final design. Enjoy!
The final one minus a few details. Has been printed to A1